Business & Information Technology Strategy

We work with organisations to help define or redefine the overall business and IT strategy, ensuring that the two are aligned and the processes and tools are in place to clearly define the roadmaps to delivering upon that strategy.

CASE STUDY – Bank of Ireland

Azimuth Management Consulting (AMC) carried out an exercise to determine the core “IT Domains” and “Roadmaps” as part of an overall IT strategy definition process. These IT Domains were core to the structure, skill-set definition and general makeup of the IT Delivery teams.

The process started with the creation of application inventories, and these were then split into logical Domains (e.g. Retail Banking, Life and Pensions, Payments, Internet Channels …). These logical domains were then organised into Core Domains (e.g. Payments) and Shared Domains (e.g. Client). An exercise was then carried out to determine the core applications per domain. “Heat-maps” were created to show the overall health of each domain (and sub-domain – further logical groupings within a domain e.g. loans, deposits etc.). The health of the application was determined using 1-10 ratings based on business-fit-for-purpose, technical-fit, architectural-fit and total-cost-of-ownership. The Heat-map was then “rolled forward” in time, assuming no investment, to show what the situation would look like in 12, 24 and 36 months. This highlighted the areas requiring investment to maintain a suite of applications that meet the business needs over a 3 year period.

Roadmaps were then prepared to demonstrate the investment required to maintain fit-for-purpose domains going forward. Workshops were held with the business executive to determine and prioritise the main strategic initiatives that were required over a 3-5 year period. These core strategic initiatives along with the current demand in the pipeline and the areas identified as requiring investment (as seen from the initial Heat-maps) were combined to create a set of initiatives and associated investment required to meet the organisations IT objectives over the coming 3-5 years.

The skills and capabilities required to deliver upon the roadmaps (e.g. system, business and technology knowledge) were identified per “domain” and fed into the overall organisation restructuring exercise to ensure maximum utilisation of subject matter experts.

What our clients say

“Azimuth Management Consulting were responsible for defining and leading the exercise to specify the 3-5 year IT roadmaps for our Retail Ireland business. This was a core input to our IT Strategy and IT investment plans.”

– What Bank of Ireland CIO Anne Weatherston said

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