Tender, Evaluation & Selection Process

We have extensive experience in the tender (product or vendor) evaluation and selection process.

Our services in this area include:

  • Requirements analysis and/or validation
  • Creation of tendering process and organisation
  • Production of tender documents
  • Development of evaluation tools and processes
  • Management and control of site visits
  • Documentation of the overall process to auditable standards
  • Evaluation of vendor replies (to ensure comparison of like with like)
  • Preparation of budget forecasts based on replies and site visits
  • Risk analysis of product and project implementation
  • Communication with Stakeholders (presentations, updates etc.).

We work closely with the purchasing and audit departments to ensure that all corporate standards are fully adhered to and that the process is clearly documented and auditable.

We can manage or fully resource the complete tender and selection process, or work with and support your existing resources.


Azimuth Management Consulting (AMC) were contracted to gather the requirements for and select a new HR system for the the Irish Life Group.

Using structured methods and tools AMC designed and implemented the selection process and supporting tools, managed the tendering process and liased with the business and purchasing department to ensure the best solution was implemented at the best possible price.

AMC were responsible for the end to end process, including the planning and establishment of the implementation team and process.

What our clients say

“Azimuth Management Consulting was responsible for the selection of the Group HR system. Their approach was structured and efficient, using appropriate project structures, processes and tools to define the requirement, prepare the tender documents, evaluate the replies, interact with the vendors and eventually select the package.

They organised the project is such a way that ensured clear lines of communication and stakeholder buy-in. Their vendor evaluation and scoring tools made the whole process simpler and made the eventual selection decision a lot easier. They finished the project with a complete implementation plan and budget.

The project was professionally undertaken from start to finish.”

– What Head of Group Procurement Gerry Ebbs said

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